I believe that the body is deeply connected to the Earth and that each & every little contribution, will make a difference.


By selling chemical-free, all natural products, I am doing my part to ensure that what goes down the drain does not pollute our environment. I am committed to only using packing that is eco -friendly. 

I will support the sustainability of the planet.


Giving Back

I will donate 5% of profits to a causes that improves the health & well-being of girls & pregnant mothers in third world countries. 


Support Farmers

 I am committed in sourcing my ingredients from local Canadian business. As I expand my product line, I have also started sourcing from  India, the region of Rajasthan to get the best henna and herbal ingredients available to me. 

My commitment will always be to support small business & framers. 

If you are a local small business or framer and would like to do business with me, please contact me at